Picture Of Dorian Gray

I believe a great deal of thought went into the writing of this book. It is verydetailed and in addition, it is very hard to sustain an allegory throughout. ThePicture of Dorian Gray has many thought provoking phrases and paragraphs. Thereare many different literary techniques used such as foreshadowing in the firsttwo chapters in very […]

House on Mango Street

The story; themes; and implications for teaching from the House on Mango Street come from showing how today’s society has low expectations for those in the inner city. This book can be used to show what inner life is like and how these people are looked at and treated by others in society. Using this […]

My Trip To The Philippines

My Trip To the PhilippinesIn September 1989, when I was 11 year old, I came to Philippines during my shortvacation. My father brought the whole family, also my cousin Jimmy. We spent 5days in the Philippines. During these five days, I realized that there were manydifferences between Taiwan and the Philippines. The most difference was […]

My Agreement

MyAgreementWithSteinbecksSuggestion SteinbecksuggeststhatinThePearl,whichhewrote,desires ofmenandwomentendtobequitedifferentandIagreewithit. Menandwomenhavedifferentthoughtsandtreateddifferently.Itis truethatmenusesstrengthandwomenusesbrainsandthatmen alwaysmaketroubles.Inoursociety,usuallymenprotecttheirwomen andchildren.Withthisinourminds,menandwomenfeelthemselves different,taughtdifferentlywhentheyareborn,andusuallyhave differentdesires.Wecanlearnfrom ThePearlthatsuchasKino, whomistheman,wouldstartthetroubleandpullsCoyotito,Whom isKinos son,todeath.ButforJuana,thewoman,knewsomething badwas goingtohappenwhenshesawthepearl buttonotdestroy herhusband,Kino, sdreams,shekeepshermouthshut.Iagreewith SteinbeckssuggestioninThePearlthatthedesiresofmenand womantendtobequitedifferent. Inmyopinion,Menhavestrongprideandneverwanttoloose especiallyinstrength.AsinThePearlwhenJuana,whoisKinos wife,askedtothrowthepearlthathefoundaway,Kinoonlythought aboutwinningandfighting.Iwillfightthisthing.Iwillwinoverit. Wewillhaveourchance. (P.57)Rightafterabloody fightwiththe manwhowasaimingforthepearl,Kinobecameselfishandforgot abouthisdreams.OnlyJuanaknewthatthepearlwasevilandtold. Kino,thispearlisevil.Letusdestroyitbeforeitdestroysus.Letus crushitbetweentwostones. (P.56)Butshedidnotwanttomake herhusbanddisappointedanddidntbeghimbecauseshe knewthat hewillnevergiveupthepearl.LikeJuana, womencaresaboutothers feelings. Inmyopinion,menarealsomoredidntargueaboutthisbecauseshedidnotwanttodestroyKinos dreams.LikeJuana,womenhavepassionwhichshowsthatwomen dontwanttohurtothersfeelings. Ialsoth…..inkthatwomen aremorecarefulthanmen.Women usuallyknowswhattheyaredoing,butmenmostlymakeproblems. WhenKinosaid, Iamaman. (P.57)ItmeantthatKinowoulddrivehisstrengthagainst amountainandplungehisstrengthagainstthesea.Juana inherwomanssoul,knewthatthemountainwouldstand whilethemanbrokehimself;thattheseawouldsurge whilethemanddrownedin it. (P.59~60)ThismeansthatJuanaknewthatKinoisfightingwithsociety andwouldcollapse.KinoacceptedthiswhenCoyotito,Kinosson, died.Thisshowsthatmenrushintothingscarelessly. Ithinkthatwomendesiresofmenandmendesiresofwomen. […]

Ernest hemingway vs. f. scott fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, though both evolved from the same literary time and place, created their works in two very dissimilar writing styles which are representative of their subject matter. The two writers were both products of the post-WWI lost generation and first gained notoriety as members of the American expatriate literary community […]

Jaques Speech Act In As You Like It

In William Shakespeare’s As You Like It the speech act is introduced and helps to create a unique insight into the play and its events. Shakespeare integrates a speech act by Jaques to deliver a deeper meaning and lesson to the audience or reader of the work. Jaques in his speech act conveys a message […]

The Lieberman Factor

The Lieberman FactorThe repercussions of Democratic Presidential candidate Al Gore’s seminal selection of Senator Joseph Lieberman as his running mate are not only helping to decide the presidential election, but also are being felt on the wider national Jewish and political scenes. The Vice Presidential selection was a transparent attempt by Gore to distance himself […]

Dyslexia Problems

The problem that effects one out of every ten kidsin the United States of America is dyslexia. Although to some people thisdisorder may be very noticeable, it can really sneak up on you. Most ofthe time kids with dyslexia aren’t recognized until they are about eightor nine. The most important thing to remember is that […]


WATER THE LIQUID OF LIFE, HOW CAN WE SAVE ITWater, H2O (-* H+ +OH- hydrogen ion and hydroxide ion. These ions participate in many important biochemical reactions. Ann Christensen,Arizona Biology Network). The most basic and most needed building block of life. It is also one of the most important, because there is no way we […]


In Ancient Greece, life was full of complicated questions centered around theexpanding field of science. Freedom of religion was encouraged to be exercisedin the city-states and man was focused on more than the Gods or heavenlyconcerns. As a result many new ideals and beliefs surfaced. These new ideals andbeliefs, though good in intentions, often conflicted […]