Discrimination in the Military

Yes, the military does have sexual harassment and discrimination against women in the nineties. “Firestone and co-researcher Richard J. Hurns analyzed a 1988 DOD Survey of men and women in the military and found that 51.8 % of men and 74.6% of women reported either experiencing or knowing of sexual harassment. Among the women surveyed, […]

Selective Attention

Kahneman and Treisman (1984, p.55) have succinctly described the main disagreement between early selection and late selection theories of attention: ‘The classic question of attention theory has always been whether attention controls the build-up of perceptual information, or merely selects among the responses associated with currently active percepts.’ Early selection theories hold that attention serves […]

Romeo And Juliet

Are there such things as true love and hatred? In the story Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare there is true love and hatred. Romeo, a Montague and Juliet, a Capulet are two star-crossed lovers who will always love each other. The hatred between the two families will be a problem for the couple […]

Generation X, Less Happy, Why?

Generation X, Less Happy, Why?Nowadays divorce is so common it’s hard for people to try hard, fightthrough their problems and make a marriage last when there’s such an easy wayout, divorce. Marriages of earlier generations were sometimes happier, becausedivorce wasn’t the immediate anecdote to family or marital problems. I come tothis conclusion from hearing about […]

Adoption journal

In 1991 a study was conducted using 916 respondents to find attitudes towards transracial adoption. . 71% of those surveyed believed that race should not be a factor in who should be allowed to adopt a child. However, those respondents in a highest age category, such as 64 or older, were 63% less likely to […]


Keep your eyes on him; some day he will give the world something to talk aboutWolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Orga 27). Beethoven was considered the greatest composer who ever lived, but all the truths lie deep inside his music. Beethovens symphonies were extraordinary. His innovative style was unheard of throughout the world during his time. There […]

The life of a star

The Life of a StarOne night while little Jimmy was out camping with his father, he asked his father how a star is made? And his father said there are high-mass stars, intermediate-mass stars, and low-mass stars. The life cycles of stars follow three general patterns each associated with a range of initial mass. Much […]

Medical marijuana use

The legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes has become an increasingly controversial topic, with many different issues on which people have many different opinions. There is opposition to the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes because it has the potential to be used incorrectly, however it is also considered that there is the potential for […]

Existence of god

In David Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, Cleanthes’ argument from design is successful in supporting the idea that the universe has an ordered arrangement and pattern. This argument is not sound in its ability to prove the existence of the Christian God. However, Cleanthes does present a sound case for order in the universe, which […]

High School Drug Abuse: What Do You Do?

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, among the graduating class of 1997, 54.3 percent of students had used an illicit drug by the time they reached their senior year of high school: a dramatic increase from the once 40.7 percent in 1992. The study also reported an […]